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World Class Coaching in Grappling, MMA, Wrestling, Muay Thai & BJJ Coming Soon in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Kids BJJ

The best skillset to provide your child to help prevent him being bullied!

Through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu your kids will learn how to takedown, control their opponents and submit them without injuring them.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu aka the Human Chess has been so affective worldwide and is known to help kids with strategizing and problem solving. Your kids will learn to use leverage and technique to beat stronger and bigger opponents!

This class is designed to help your child not only learn the highest quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that are very effective for self defense situations but also will:
- Develop his physical abilites
- Boost his moral and confidence
- Help him make new friends and build his social skills
- You will see your child much more discplined within a few months of training
- Take a burden of the excessive energy young kids have making your lives at home easier!!

Do your kids and yourselves a favor and sign them to train with Coach Fernando Favari one of the best kids BJJ coaches out there!

Submission Grappling

The world's fastest growing martial arts these nowadays!! 

In submission grappling the goal is to always submit your opponent in a joint lock or strangulation technique. Grapplers tend to use techniques from various martial arts such as: Freestyle Wrestling, BJJ, Luta Livre. Judo, Catch Wrestling and many more to create their own blend into what works for them.

Unlike other grappling sports, Submission Grappling is the only sport where all submissions are legal!!

A lot of MMA fighters enjoy training submission grappling as it is very inclusive of most MMA aspects, one can in fact call it MMA without striking.

If you want to learn the essence of modern martial arts and MMA without getting hurt this is the ideal class for you!!

In this class you will be graded in a Luta Livre grading system, making this class the only class in Bahrain where you can attain a Nogi rank!!

Freestyle Wrestling

The oldest and most natural raw sport to exist!!

Freestyle Wrestling is nowadays going through an up rise and becoming more popular due to the success of Wrestlers like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Henry Cejudo & Daniel Cormier in MMA.

Freestyle Wrestling is all about Taking your opponent down and prevent your opponent from doing the same to you! That's why wrestling has been so dominant in MMA because Wrestlers control where the fight goes.

In Wrestling you will learn to use takedowns attacking your opponents legs or using upper body throws against a resisting opponent!!

A Wrestler's mentality is a unique one; one of hard working ethic and don't give up until its over. Wrestling is as much technically & physically as it is mentally. 

Wrestlers develop an incredible physique due to the fact you're trying to lift your opponent most of the time, which makes this the best raw Strength & Conditioning training to EVER exist!!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Literally translates into the gentle art and often recalled as the human chess due to the level of tactical sophistication. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is mainly a ground fighting art where the objective of a BJJ practitioner is to control and submit his opposition in a joint lock or strangulation and is allowed to use his opponent's clothing (Kimono/Gi) in doing so. 

The concept behind BJJ is to give the smaller, weaker person the chance to overcome a much larger & stronger opponent using these Principles:

1. Leverage: Learning how to create fulcrums to be able to lift and sweep your opponent's from positions that seem impossible to do so
2. Timing: Learn to use momentum to execute moves using your opponent's weight and strength against them
3. Creating Opportunity and Mistakes: Setting your opponents with baits and traps make them fall into your favorite Submission holds!!

Join this class and begin your journey to become a BJJ Black Belt under GFTeam one of the biggest households name in BJJ producing the likes of Rodolfo Vieria!!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts has been popularized by the sport's main promotion: UFC.

In MMA you will learn how to blend different Martial Arts together to form your own style of what a perfect and complete fighter is!! You will learn to blend all the striking, wrestling & grappling you've learned in the other classes and adapt them to MMA ruleset for eg: Learning how to use you BJJ or Submission Grappling when punches are involved, or how to strike when your opponent is trying to take you down.

The two unique skillsets that you will be taught in MMA that no other martial arts will are:
1. Cage/Wall Wrestling
2. Ground & Pound

This class is suitable for beginners (but recommended for people who have a year of striking and grappling background) , however the sparring will be very restricted or even banned until the coach deems you are technically, physically and mentally ready.

We are also the only gym in Bahrain to implement the new IMMAF grading system which means our students will have the chance to receive an internationally recognized Black Belt in MMA!!


The Sweet Science of Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports to exist!
In our boxing classes you will be learning the infamous Cuban Style directly from the one of the greatest boxers Cuba has ever produced.

Cuban style of boxing is recognized Worldwide for its dazzling footwork "Dancing in the Ring" and masters of range fighting and counter punching.

Learn the Ins & Outs of the Cuban Style of Boxing with none other than Cuban Legend 2x Olympic Champion and 3x World Champion Mario Kindelan!